Matt’s Top Pick - Trainers

For Matt’s Top Pick this month I want to share with you some of my favourite trainers for 2020. As I wear CIC-LO trousers every. single. day, I like to mix up my looks with different trainers to show how THE LONDON is suitable for all occasions.

I’ve chosen five brands that will work with loads of different styles, so if you are thinking about new trainers (to go with your new CIC-LO trousers obviously), check out my top picks and let us know which are your favourites too.

Uniform Standard 

Series 8 Double Black Leather

Uniform Standard is one of my favourites. The minimal styling is exactly what I look for in a pair of trainers and besides suiting THE LONDON trousers perfectly and giving a more contemporary look to daily outfits, these trainers are hand stitched and made of recycled materials; so they are doing their bit for planet. They come in a variety of colours too so you can mix and match as much as you please.


1A Antikweiss

If you loved our Uniform Standard favourite but fancy something a bit more fun, then the 1A Antikweiss by VOR is the right pick for you with its range of colours. I love the ‘off-white’ sole. It immediately makes them stand out amongst the crowded marketplace of all-white minimal trainers. They are on the pricey side though, so definitely a treat for yourself (maybe to go with that new bike you’re looking at?). 


New Balance 

Made in UK 1500

Another day, another New Balance… The Made in UK 1500 combines everyday comfort and style (everything that I need!). When I know I’ve got a long day with a lot of meetings and cycling between each one, these are the pair I grab. 


V-10 B-Mesh Trainers

I’m guessing you have seen someone wearing these as Veja has been one of the fast-growing brands in their market lately. They are not only known for the great style but also because they are a sustainable brand - transforming plastic bottles, fish-farmed skin, recycled rubber and fair-trade canvas into fashionable trainers. A well-deserved spot on the list!


Y3 Raito Racer Mesh Trainers

And finally, who doesn’t love a pair of Y3 trainers? The Adidas Y3 Raito Racer Mesh has made my list quite simply because I love the design. These are the epitome of cool and they’re also super bike-friendly and easy to clean. 


If you’re reading this and thought “What? Not even a mention of a pair of Nike trainers, or Common Projects?” I’d just like to say that I hear you. I love Nike trainers as much as the next person, and common projects are beautifully designed trainers. And if the list was top 10, they would definitely be on here. The reason I love the trainers above is because they’re so versatile and they are the perfect hybrid of function and style…just like THE LONDON trousers. 

CIC-LO is a fashion-led cycling brand with a vision to reinvent the cycling wardrobe! We are the start of a cycling revolution and our mission is to create a whole product range to get you from A to B and onwards in style. 

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